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Washington Park Profile (The Profile) is published monthly on the first Friday except early issues where noted. The deadline for advertising and editorial content submission is the fourth Wednesday preceding publication. 

The Profile covers news of interest to the readers and business community within a roughly 5-mile radius of Washington Park in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1978, the paper’s monthly distribution includes a long-established network of 335+ branded racks, selected home delivery and paid subscriptions. To keep up with reader demand, The Profile recently increased monthly distribution to 18,500. According to the National Newspaper Association the pass along rate for community newspaper readership is 2.3. In our case the pass along rate is 18,500 x 2.3 = 42,500.

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We drive web site traffic for all advertisers. Our web site features a “Buy Local” link offering a searchable online directory of businesses advertising in our monthly thematic print display sections. Such listings remain online for all current display advertisers.


Since 1978, The Profile has provided readers with unique editorial content catering to a specific geographical area. Our hyper-local features, columns, advertisements and extensive event listings are offered in digital and print formats.


Exceeding industry standards, we offer high quality content while maintaining no less than a 45%:55% advertising to editorial ratio. Our core of experienced freelance writers and columnists ensure editorial content is legitimate, hyper-local and encourages critical thinking.


Our readership is comprised of a desirable demographic characterized by high income, impressive net worth and educational achievement. The majority are homeowners with active urban lifestyles. More specific demographic data can be provided on request.

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