When Denver native Rose Keating graduated from Metropolitan State in 1974 with a degree in computer programming, she decided to head east, instead of west, to seek her fortune. “It wasn’t that Colorado didn’t have jobs,” she says. “I just knew I more

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Editor's note: we continue to receive numerous submissions in response to our call for narratives about volunteering with worthy organizations. It is with great pleasure we share the narrative of Cindy Rigot who began volunteering with high-needs... more

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In a classroom within the Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing, adult ESL students from around the world sit studying the differences between two pictures of a scene involving a family visiting their doctor. Bud Demko, teacher... more

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While coming of age in upstate New York, Iliff School of Theology President and CEO Tom Wolfe set his sights on learning to fly rather than on following his father into the clergy. more

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Brian Augustine is a happy man. A familiar face at the Sunday South Pearl Street Farmers Market where he chats with neighbors, charms canines and sells the Denver VOICE... more

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