Avoid Election Day woes, vote and celebrate veterans


Votes, Vets, Turkeys! Back to Mountain Standard Time. Please vote wisely so you don’t end up with a turkey.

The mailbox lately is gobblin’ up the election fliers and outlines, and the news media is stuffinged with sage and chestnutty advice. Some is straightforward and some has marshmallows on top. Do due diligence, friends, and know who’s who and who’s for what. And VOTE!

I used to give out Turkey Awards (the competition for whom to roast was intense). This year, it would go to people who do not take advantage of our freedom to vote and then, gripe —ah, the gripes of wrath!

As you sit down to eat, or stand ready to serve a charitable meal on Thanksgiving Day, you will say grace — whether you give thanks to a deity or simply to all people wise and kind and helping those in need. Because American life grants us many blessings. The pilgrims gave thanks for getting to this country, being helped by native residents who shared food and survival tips. Let’s do likewise.

Early people all over the world knew that they must treat the Earth well, if it was to reciprocate. Same thing now. We are NOT doing our best for Mother Nature and Hack-Kaff-Gasp-Clang-Bang is our lot. What are we thinking? When all the turkeys are tainted, waddle we do? Have Turnip Day? Well, they may be easier to carve, but not crave.

Celebrating veterans

Vets Day: is there a parade? Now that our kids aren’t in marching bands, we aren’t up on parades. We were grateful they were in them, and playing flute and clarinet, which are easy to transport. Honoring vets seemed a perfect occasion for a full-uniform parade. There’s something stirring about marching band music. Is Sousa still a stalwart standby? Do soldiers have music to wage peace by?

I hope all schools are tuned in to plenty of music. It’s always with you to pep you up, calm you down, tap your toe or make you smile. All the arts are important, but you don’t need a pencil, paintbrush or play to do music, right there in the air, or in your head, or in a bunker.

Say goodbye to longer days

Adios, daylight saving. Howdy, short standard-time era. Ben Franklin had the notion while in Paris. Une idée!

Story is, folks said oui, but didn’t see how it could work. Over time it kept getting try-outs, but it was the railroad in 1883 that insisted it be properly decided. The International Prime Meridian Conference adopted it in 1884 “for the convenience of commerce.” Farmers may ignore it. Theories of energy-saving say yes. On “change-over Sundays” at church, you can see who’s been paying attention.

Candidates and turkeys! Ask candidates: Will they help save the planet and explain its importance? Green cities are the richest ones! If they add some taxes, where exactly will the money go? What is their view of the contents of Denveright?


And remember: If Thanksgiving dinner were beans and franks, turkeys could join us in offering thanks.

Diana Helper and her husband have lived in Denver for 63 years. She works on projects with the city, University of Denver, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation and Open Space and Parks and Recreation.


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