Q&A with Chris Hansen, candidate for Senate District 31


Party: Democrat

Residence: Denver

Campaign website: www.HansenForColorado.com

What makes you the best choice for this office?

I'm the best choice because I have the experience to address the complex issues in Colorado. I have built a career in the environmental space, which has given me the skills to address climate change. My finance background and experience on the Joint Budget Committee has given me a skillset and an intimate knowledge of our state's budget situation so that I can address the difficult fiscal issues we face. Lastly, my progressive values motivate me to reform our judicial system, improve our education system and work to protect the rights of women, communities of color and our LGBTQIA community.

If you're elected, which one single issue will be at the top of your agenda?

My number one priority is tackling climate change. Climate change is a complex and multi-dimensional problem that will require coordinated action and diversified approaches to solve. It is imperative that we not only leave a better planet for our children, but also use this opportunity to lift up marginalized communities and transition into a more resilient, just, carbon-free economy that works for all of us. My background in this area has provided me with the tools to simultaneously work to decarbonize our transportation, building, commerce and energy sectors, while also educating about the benefits of environmental stewardship and job growth.

If you're elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

If I'm re-elected, there are many issues I would like to address. In addition to tackling climate change, I plan to introduce legislation to reform our transportation funding structure, increase public education funding, remove housing barriers for low-income families, and ignite the economy following the pandemic. There are many metrics I could use to measure success, but I believe a successful legislative term is an amalgamation of accomplishments, varying in size and scope. Overall, I hope to ensure that my constituents and the citizens of this great state are better off in four years than they are now.

Where do you stand on calls to defund the police?

I think that calls to defund the police are misplaced and can be polarizing and misunderstood. I do think it behooves us to create police departments that are highly accountable and focused on protecting citizens. A community with a heavy presence of police will not necessarily decrease crime — instead we should make investments that foster a healthy society which will inherently decrease crime, because citizens will be more educated, have more opportunities and will have more of a sense of community. One step I would like to take next year is to reduce military equipment purchases by local law enforcement.

What measure or measures will you push for in the new year to make strides toward economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic?

For Colorado to be successful, we must make investments in education and infrastructure. Both areas will help lead us back to a strong economy. For example, better funding for transportation projects and more investment in renewable energy projects can create thousands of high-quality jobs in the state and kickstart our recovery. I will work each day in the State Senate to make these important investments in our future.


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